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Train the Trainer

20th June 2016, by

Since its beginning in 2004, All-Star Transportation has dedicated itself to providing its drivers with the most comprehensive training possible. Owner Leslie Sheldon believes that a good driver starts with having a good trainer, which is why every year All-Star hosts its “Train the Trainer” event.

This year, All-Star gathered its trainers in the parking lot of the Waterbury Municipal Stadium on Friday, June 17. Over the course of the day, trainers went through three different check points: pre-trip checks to make sure everything in and on the bus was secure, road and procedures to take the buses on the roads of Waterbury, and the skills course to practice parking and backing up.

“These are some of our best drivers and lead trainers,” said Sheldon. “We value so much of what they do because it all begins with them; when they train a new driver, they are implementing All Star’s principles and safety guidelines.”

This training event ensures All-Star trainers are well-versed on the Department of Motor Vehicle’s latest bus driver testing requirements. For example, there may not be many situations that require a school bus to parallel park, but that is one of the skills drivers were practicing in the stadium parking lot.

“We need to prepare all of our employees for any possible scenario,” said Safety Supervisor Brenda Bass. “Making sure that our drivers will make the right decisions in out-of-the-ordinary situations shows us that we’ve given them the tools necessary to take care of the children on their bus.”

During this annual event, trainers are divided into teams as they work to complete each checkpoint. Sheldon said that this creates a sense of teambuilding.

“We’ve actually had great suggestions and ideas come out of this event,” said Sheldon. “Because we’re bringing everyone together, it turns into a perfect opportunity to share, brainstorm, and ultimately work together as a team."