Getting Started

We understand that the first days, weeks, and months of employment are filled with excitement, a wealth of information and many questions. To that end, we’re here to provide you with the help and support needed for success in your new role.

We hope you will return to this site and these checklists as a needed resource if you have additional questions.

Ready? Let’s Get Started!

Before You Start

There are some steps you can take to ease your introduction to All-Star Transportation before you start work. Here’s what to do.

  • Complete key tasks
  • Confirm your start details
  • Explore your benefits

Your First Days

Here are some guidelines for getting started in your new role. Partner with your manager to identify your initial assignments; the purpose of your work; and how you can begin making immediate contributions.

  • Schedule, job duties and expectations
  • Socialization
  • Work environment

Your First Months

As you settle in to your new environment, feel free to ask questions. Your comfort level will increase each day as you meet more people, gain familiarity with your new surroundings, complete your training and begin your new job.

  • Schedule, job duties and expectations
  • Tests and licensing